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Colin Harper

What Is Nano? | A Guide to the Instant, Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency

Want to learn more about Nano, its block-lattice infrastructure, and what it brings to the crypto table? Give this guide a glance.

What Is Siacoin (SC)? | A Guide to Decentralized Cloud Storage

What is Siacoin (SC)? Learn everything you need to know about the decentralized storage blockchain solution in our guide here.

What Is Civic (CVC)? | A Guide to Blockchain Identity Verification

Check out our guide to learn more about Civic, blockchain identity verification, and where to buy/store the CVC coin.

What Is Stellar (XLM)? | A Guide to the Common Man’s Financial Network

What is Stellar, how does it work, where can you buy it, and what unique services does it provide? Learn all of this and more with our in-depth guide.

What Is 0x (ZRX)? | A Guide to the ERC20 Exchange Protocol

What is 0x and how does it work? Learn more about the 0x protocol, its off-chain order relays, and its decentralized exchange relayers here.

What Is Vertcoin (VTC)? | The Complete Guide

What is Vertcoin and how does it stack up to Litecoin and Bitcoin? Check out our introductory guide to learn about its ASIC resistance and other specs.

What Is ICON (ICX)? A Guide to the Global Decentralized Network

What is ICON (ICX) and how does it work? Check out our guide to learn more about the ICON Republic, Communities, C-Reps, the project’s DEX, and more.

This Week in Crypto: August 3, 2018

This week in crypto, a handful of reports shed light on cryptocurrency investments and Binance makes its first public acquisition.

This Week in Crypto: July 27th, 2018

This week in crypto, Coinbase makes another acquisition, Iran moves forward with a national coin, and the SEC rejects an ETF.

This Week in Crypto: July 20, 2018

This week in crypto, more patents were filed, the US House held another crypto hearing, and Steve Bannon wants to make a coin.