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Sarah Rothrie

Innovations in Blockchain Aerospace Tech Ready to Launch

Blockchain aerospace tech innovations look set to launch this data-dependent industry to stratospheric new heights. This article explains how.

Blockchain Military Applications – the Future Tech of the Armed Forces

Given that blockchain now features heavily in any discussion about cybersecurity, it is unsurprising that military organizations across the world are taking an interest. Secure communication is one example of…

Why Blockchain Asset Tracking Is Not Just for the Super-Rich

An Aboriginal community in rural Australia. A diamond dealer in Antwerp, Belgium. A used car salesman in the UK. A pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland. What could they possibly all…

What Is Digital Asset? | Distributed Ledgers for Financial Institutions

Digital Asset is aiming to disrupt the finance sector with the use of its distributed ledger technology. Find out who’s behind it and how it works here.

All You Need to Know About the Future of Blockchain Wealth Management

What’s on the horizon for finance? This post explains how the advent of blockchain wealth management will create many new opportunities in the sector.

Blockchain Affiliate Marketing: Boosting Profits for Publishers

Blockchain affiliate marketing platforms are some of the latest to exploit new technology to solve old problems. More than 80% of online brands and publishers now use affiliate marketing, and…

Blockchain in Automotive – Fragmented Sector to Focus on New Technologies

In May 2018, some of the biggest names across the automotive industry announced that they are joining together to form the MOBI Consortium. MOBI stands for “Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative” and…

The DAICO Is Here – Does the New ICO Model Offer Better Security?

The ICO has become the go-to method for blockchain startups to crowdfund their new ventures. However, in January 2017, Vitalik Buterin published his idea for a new model improving on…

What You Need to Know About EU Data Privacy and Blockchain

The introduction of the European GDPR could bring big changes for the way that user data privacy and blockchain work together. Find out what you need to know.