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Sarah Rothrie

Blockchain Utilities Will Transform the Energy and Water Markets

Blockchain utilities are forecast for massive growth over the next few years. But what is blockchain bringing to the utility sector? We find out.

Deconstructing #DeFi – What Does Decentralized Finance Mean for Crypto’s Future?

Decentralized finance, or #DeFi is a new movement that’s solidified around crypto, separate from the existing financial sector. What’s it all about?

IOST: Interview with CEO Jimmy Zhong

Our IOST interview with CEO and co-founder Jimmy Zhong has all the latest details and insider info following the IOST mainnet launch in February.

Ethereum Predictions for 2019: Will the Bulls or the Bears Win Out?

Will the price of ETH go up or down? Probably both. Nevertheless, here we round up some of the crypto community’s Ethereum predictions for 2019.

What Does a Blockchain Consulting Firm Actually Do?

Ever wondered what a blockchain consulting firm actually does? Here, we explain the range of services on offer to tech founders and existing companies.

8 of the Best Blockchain Development Tools for Ethereum Developers

If you want to develop your own decentralized application, this handy list of 8 useful blockchain development tools will help you get on your way.

Confused by Crypto? Here’s a Guide to Bitcoin for Dummies

Confused by crypto? Does blockchain boggle your brain? Then panic not. For the benefit of the uninitiated, we put together a summary of Bitcoin for dummies.

Are Blockchain Mutual Funds the Future of Investing?

Blockchain mutual funds offer double potential – investing in the value of future technology and making fund administration more efficient. Find out how.

Can Blockchain Climate Change Initiatives Help Fight Global Warming?

Blockchain climate change initiatives show promise in meeting climate change goals, including tracking investment and emissions. We explain how.

An Exploration of Blockchain Ethics: a Token with Two Sides

Among all the discussion about use cases and adoption, blockchain ethics can get forgotten. We take a look at the moral considerations of the technology.