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This Week in Cryptocurrency – January 12th, 2018

By Alex Moskov / January 11, 2018

This Week in Cryptocurrency – January 12th, 2018 Crypto Roller Coaster Continues: This week, the total market cap for all coins…

This Week in Crypto

This Week in Cryptocurrency – November 24th, 2017

By CoinCentral / November 24, 2017

This Week in Cryptocurrency – Weekly News Recap Prices Keep Climbing: A good majority of cryptocurrencies continued their price increases…

what is monero

What is Monero? An In-Depth Guide

By Aaron Mangal / October 19, 2017

What is Monero? Originally launched in April 2014 as BitMonero, Monero (symbol XMR), means money in esperanto. Monero, a fork…

Privacy Coins – What are they, how do they work and why are they needed

By Aaron Mangal / September 25, 2017

Privacy and anonymity oriented coins are becoming a pervasive and often contentious topic. As a result, many figures in the…

Monero vs Bitcoin

Monero vs Bitcoin: Monero Adopted by Privacy Focused Crypto Users

By Theo Tsihitas / September 22, 2017

Bitcoin gave the world digital cash. The ability to transact large sums of money across the globe, without needing to…