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We are always looking for guest posts from experts who can provide unique and useful perspectives to our readers on related news, emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, trends, and other areas of interest related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. Apply below to get started with our growing contributor team.

Note: We’ll respond as quickly as we can to your email, but due to time constraints, we aren’t always able to provide feedback on rejected stories. We get a lot of submissions, and we publish only the best.

Here are our guidelines:

  1. Guest columns must be minimum 800 words and original content.
  2. Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data.
  3. Avoid long introductions; get straight to the point.
  4. Be sure to include a headline.
  5. Be sure to include an author bio, link to your Gravatar account, including details on your background and expertise that make it clear why your opinion on the topic should count to readers.
  6. Be sure to disclose conflicts of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in, any companies/technologies covered in the story.
  7. It’s great to include images to illustrate key points in your story. Please only include images that you have rights to or that are available under creative commons license. Be sure to include image credits and links.  If you don't have images, let us know. 
  8. If you’d like to pitch an idea rather than a full draft, please send a 1-3 paragraph summary of the key points the story would cover.
  9. Please do not send your story as a PDF — send it to us in a format that’s easy to edit (Google docs, Word, paste it into email, etc).

To submit a guest post, please fill out the form below or send it to [email protected]