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Volume (24h)
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461,329,999 ELF
Total Supply
879,999,999 ELF

What is aelf?

Before I go any further, let me give a brief introduction to the aelf project. aelf, for all intents and purposes, is creating a new blockchain which will resolve 3 main blockchain problems which has been restricting this technology from being adopted in more mainstream uses. These problems are limited performance, lack of resource segregation, and a properly working governance model. By resolving these issues, aelf will be bringing blockchain technology into business scenarios with full force.In response to this, they have created a blockchain which can be integrated to side chain specific business scenarios. The aelf blockchain and sidechains will possess the following qualities:- High efficiency and scalability to handle transactions/applications at a commercial scale- High flexibility to customize Smart Contracts to meet the needs of different industries- High adaptability to new technology in the future- High compatibility to allow communication across public and private Chains and existing Blockchainsaelf was originally launched as Grid, however due to confusion with a similar project called Grid+, it was rebranded as aelf late November 2017. Another confusion which was cleared up early in aelf’s life was the complete separation from the Polkadot project.

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