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What is Modum?

Modum (MOD) is an ERC-20 token developed on the Ethereum blockchain enabling the voting and profit participation rights. The total supply of Modum is 30 million. The Modum smart contracts code is open source and reviewed by Consecom and Lykke IT security consultants. The objective of Modum is to maintain data integrity for supply chain operations using blockchain technology. More focused on the pharmacy industry, where some drugs are transported in temperature controlled containers. The data of containers in transit, their ownership, and their working conditions are available for the end user. In case if a medicine expires due to poor environmental conditions, the record is available to track back the problem. The first product offered by Modum is an efficient smart contract based system to comply with medicinal Good Distribution Practice Regulations.Modum is lead by Simon Dossegger, the current CEO along with Dr. Stefan M. Weber the COO and 12 other members. Modum was founded by the board of directors i.e. Thomas Bocek, Marc Degen, Pascal Degen, and Michel Schaer.The purpose of Modum is to provide automation and security in pharma drug supply chain. The system is designed for pharma standards a low-cost solution to be adopted which easily integrated with existing customer systems. Modum provides a high level of audibility, data integrity, security, authenticity and flexible data ownership.

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