Hamburger X.
0.00000174 BTC
$ 17,324,852
Volume (24h)
$ 4,186,190
Circulating Supply
998,999,942 NXT
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 NXT

What is NXT?

NXT is a blockchain platform launched in 2013 featuring a decentralized assets exchange, a decentralized marketplace and a toolkit for integrating its blockchain applications with external ones.It provides a framework for creating new assets that can be sold in their exchange and a specialized voting system called Nxt Account Control system.It also supports data cloud hosting and a messaging feature. Its transaction prices for each service (such as uploading data) are fixed and showcased simple table. Their marketplace framework allows the creation of peer-to-peer e-commerce businesses.NIX uses proof-of-stake as the consensus algorithm.

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