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What is Request?

Request Network (REQ) is a decentralized network based on the Ethereum blockchain that is used for requesting payments securely. All the information collected in the course of any transaction is kept in a decentralized authentic ledger. All requests for payments are paid through the network without the need of involving a third party. Users can choose a currency of their choice to make their payments.A small fee paid in REQ token, the currency that is used on this network is required to able these transactions. These tokens are later burned. Participants who assist in building and maintaining the Request ecosystem are paid using these tokens.Request network promises cheaper, easier and more secure payments than traditional payment networks. It is flexible, designed to work with Internet of Things and compatible with future applications. Users are not required to provide any personal information. In addition, users can build their own applications on the Request platform.Being an erc20 token, REQ is compatible with most erc20 token and ETH coin wallets. Examples of these wallets are Exodus and Coinfy. REQ is also listed in various exchanges including Binance, Mercatox, Kucoin and others. Request already has secured partnership deals with Combinator, iexec, pwc, and Quantstamp.The team that established this system and who are maintaining it now are co-founder and CFO Christophe Lassuyt, co-founder and CTO Entiene Tatur, Lead Engineer Vincent Rolland and many other experts from various fields.

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