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LBRY Credits (LBC)

0.00000596 BTC (-0.29%)
$0.02 (2.9%)

Market Cap

1,255 BTC

Volume (24h)



210,593,704 LBC

Max Supply

1,083,202,000 LBC

About LBRY Credits

LBRY is a digital library for music, video, ebooks, etc. Beyond that, though, it's also a protocol that you can build apps on top of to interact with the content on the platform. LBC is the native token that you receive for referrals, contributing as a developer, and through mining among other things.

Latest Articles

Rank Exchange Name Volume Price Volume (%)
1 Bittrex LBC/BTC $10,658.98 $0.02 75.82%
2 Poloniex LBC/BTC $3,398.86 $0.02 24.18%