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ZCoin (XZC)

0.00150159 BTC (-2.13%)
$8.45 (-2.14%)

Market Cap

8,646 BTC

Volume (24h)

28 BTC


5,757,841 XZC

Max Supply

21,400,000 XZC

About ZCoin

Zcoin utilizes the Zerocoin protocol to provide anonymous transactions in a unique scalable way. The protocol, originally intended to be an extension of Bitcoin, allows you to send coins with no transaction history. Bitcoin records the history of every transaction on a public ledger for anyone to see. Wallet addresses are only pseudo-anonymous with the potential for people to link your identity to an address. However, with Zcoin, you can preserve the fungibility and privacy of your spending.

Latest Articles

Rank Exchange Name Volume Price Volume (%)
1 Binance XZC/BTC $129,811.81 $8.49 83.65%
2 Bittrex XZC/BTC $18,039.35 $8.13 11.62%
3 Binance XZC/ETH $6,331.27 $8.50 4.08%
4 Binance XZC/BNB $1,009.37 $8.36 0.65%