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ASIC miners

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ASIC miners

Two Sides of the Coin: Litecoin Mining vs Bitcoin Mining

Litecoin mining vs. Bitcoin mining How do the gold and silver standards of the cryptocurrency revolution fare in the world of cryptocurrency mining?

What is FOLM Coin (FLM)?

What is FOLM Coin? FOLM coin (FLM) claims to have identified weaknesses in the Bitcoin network, and it proposes its cryptocurrency as a solution to those perceived problems, and the…

What is BitTube?

BitTube, like a number of blockchain projects, aspires to become the “Bitcoin YouTube”, or what you might call the decentralized, cryptocurrency powered YouTube alternative. Founded by Halsey Minor, the VideoCoin…

A Short History of Antminer: Bitmain’s Road to Dominance

The Antminer line has become the industry leader within the mining community. Learn how Bitmain became #1 in BTC mining.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware – Is it Still a Smart Investment?

Is it still worth it to purchase a mining rig in 2018? Bitcoin mining has become hugely popular but the costs might outweigh the rewards for new miners.

The Best GPUs for Mining – 2018 Edition

Having trouble choosing the best GPU for mining cryptocurrency? Check out our guide comparing some of the top ones currently in the market to help decide.

ASIC Mining Hardware : The Cryptomining Evolution

ASIC Mining Hardware: The Cryptomining Evolution Cryptocurrency mining has come a long way from the days when an individual could successfully mine hundreds of Bitcoin from their home PC.  The…

ASIC Mining vs Cryptocurrency Project Teams: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Cryptocurrency projects are beginning to develop ASIC-resistant algorithms, creating an ongoing cat and mouse game between ASIC mining and project teams.