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How Antminer Became the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware in Less than Two Years

Bitmain currently dominates the mining sector. The company’s Antminer line is consistently ranked among the best Bitcoin mining hardware available. This secretive Chinese company has managed to secure their position…

EOS Developer Block.One Attracts Investments from Peter Thiel and Jihan Wu, the company behind what is currently the world’s fifth largest market cap cryptocurrency EOS, received investments from billionaire PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel, Bitmain’s Jihan Wu, and two hedge fund…

Win or Lose: The Gamble Some Are Taking to Become Bitcoin Billionaires

Recently, we looked at a few stories about how some people became bitcoin millionaires. While this feat is impressive, there are a few people who are vying to become part…

A Short History of Antminer: Bitmain’s Road to Dominance

The Antminer line has become the industry leader within the mining community. Learn how Bitmain became #1 in BTC mining.

How Antminer Is Making Bitcoin Mining Profitable Again

Bitcoin prices continue to fluctuate. As a result, Bitcoin mining has seen dramatic sways in its profitability. The current hash rate of the BTC network has left people wondering, “is…

The Best Bitcoin Mining Software of 2018

Choosing the best Bitcoin mining software starts with research. Mining BTC can still be profitable in 2018 but you’ll need to have the right setup.

How to Calculate the Profitability of Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Is Bitcoin Mining Hardware Worth It? Bitcoin mining hardware shortages continue to plague the market. So it’s important to consider the true profitability of your venture before choosing your next…

Bitcoin Mining Hardware – Is it Still a Smart Investment?

Is it still worth it to purchase a mining rig in 2018? Bitcoin mining has become hugely popular but the costs might outweigh the rewards for new miners.

ASIC Mining Hardware : The Cryptomining Evolution

ASIC Mining Hardware: The Cryptomining Evolution Cryptocurrency mining has come a long way from the days when an individual could successfully mine hundreds of Bitcoin from their home PC.  The…

Jihan Wu: A Story of Bitmain, Twitter Profanity, & BCH Evangelism

Jihan Wu is one of the most powerful individuals in cryptocurrency, CEO of Bitmain, and evangelist for Bitcoin Cash. Learn more about him in this article.