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Gold grid lines.

blockchain technology

Solving Decentralized Blockchain Governance Is Key to the Future of Crypto

Decentralized blockchain governance is a problem for the crypto community. But why? And what does it have to do with the French Revolutionaries?

Social Networking on the Blockchain | An Industry Ripe for Disruption

The rise of the freemium social media model has brought with it some real problems. What will the blockchain social network of the future look like?

What is Gridcoin?

The Gridcoin platform creates a supercomputer-like environment by combining every user’s computational power on the network. This computational power is then used by researchers to further their studies. Current projects…

Blockchain Problems Exist, Take Two Aspirins, and Plenty of Rest

Blockchain problems exist. Or to put it another way, limitations exist in what blockchain offers. Whenever a new technology emerges, expectations skyrocket as to what it accomplishes and how it…

Blockchain Smartphones: An Exploration of Several Market Offers

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the blockchain smartphone offers being advertised in the market and whether or not they are feasible.

All You Need to Know About Blockchain-Based P2P Energy Trading

There is a major transition in the energy sector with technological innovations fueling the growth of distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs basically allow passive consumers of energy to become prosumers.…

Why Is Popular Bartering Platform Listia Getting into Blockchain Tech?

Online peer-to-peer platforms can either embrace blockchain marketplaces or be replaced by them. What’s bartering platform Listia is doing with blockchain tech?

What is BitTube?

BitTube, like a number of blockchain projects, aspires to become the “Bitcoin YouTube”, or what you might call the decentralized, cryptocurrency powered YouTube alternative. Founded by Halsey Minor, the VideoCoin…

The Best Cryptocurrency News Sources | Stay on Top of the Latest Trends

The world is awash with information. This is both the beauty and ugliness of the internet, a real-life paradox. Just about anyone, anywhere can publish their own content and this…

Blockchain, Digital Advertising, and the Great Escape

Blockchain in media and entertainment using digital advertising fundamentally clashes with the very nature of cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology.