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blockchain technology

How to Get into a Bitcoin Business that Works

Finding the right Bitcoin business can seem like a choir when you consider all of the options. Learning the most popular choices could help you to decide.

The Entertainment Industry and Blockchain Create New Possibilities

Blockchain may well provide the entertainment industry with an effective way to protect the digital rights of artists and provide them proper compensation.

Blockchain Logistics – Changing the World or Just Marketing Hype?

Supply chain and logistics are industries in need of real change. Blockchain startups have continued to pop up over the last few years to challenge existing companies with their mostly…

How Digital Signatures and Hashing Protect Your Transactions

Digital Signatures and Hashing Digital signatures and cryptographic hash functions comprise the secret sauce that makes cryptocurrency work.  They put the crypto into currency, so to speak. Your digital signature…

Blockchain in the Music Industry – What Opportunities Lie Ahead?

Artists usually don’t make for good business people. After all, they would prefer to focus on their craft. And typically they don’t have access to marketers, lawyers and managers which…

Top Eight Government Blockchain Programs From Around the World

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, many governments are embracing blockchain. Here are the top eight government blockchain programs from around the world.

Top Decentralized Marketplaces That Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is on the verge of disrupting every industry out there and with the decentralized marketplace, the sharing economy is next in its sights.

What is Litecoin Cash (LCC)? | A Beginners Guide

What is Litecoin Cash (LCC)? Litecoin Cash (LCC) is a Litecoin fork that has a higher max supply, runs the SHA256 mining algorithm, and has better difficulty adjustment. Forks, forks…

The DAO Hack and Blockchain Security Vulnerabilities

Security considerations override all else in blockchains. If security fails, nothing else matters. Check out the main blockchain security vulnerabilities here.

Lethal Blockchain: Militaries Look to Weaponize Blockchain Tech

Militaries are looking to weaponize blockchain. Funding has already been allocated towards the development of blockchain-based military tech.