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What Is Digital Asset? | Distributed Ledgers for Financial Institutions

Digital Asset is aiming to disrupt the finance sector with the use of its distributed ledger technology. Find out who’s behind it and how it works here.

What is CEEK VR? Creating Exclusive Virtual Experiences with Blockchain

CEEK is a company that primarily focuses on building AR/VR headsets that recently raised 22K ETH in a 2018 ICO to explore a tokenized component for musicians to create virtual worlds…

All You Need to Know About the Future of Blockchain Wealth Management

What’s on the horizon for finance? This post explains how the advent of blockchain wealth management will create many new opportunities in the sector.

BotChain and Digital Currency Group to Host Blockchain/AI Conference in NYC

BotChain and Digital Currency Group are hosting the Brains and Chains conference in New York this month to examine the convergence of AI and blockchain.

Improving Defense Industry Technology with Blockchain

The defense industry is increasing its research on the potential of blockchain and how to integrate it. How can this benefit military and civilian applications?

What is Cobinhood Coin (COB)? A Beginners Guide

Cobinhood – A Zero Trading Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange Say hello to Cobinhood, a cryptocurrency exchange that charges zero fees for trading. Yes, you heard that right, zero! With a cheeky take…

What is Casper: The Friendly Haunting of Ethereum

Casper is an anticipated upgrade to the Ethereum network and is a Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol that will finalize blocks to the Ethereum blockchain (The End of Mining: Ethereum’s…

Top 10 Most Active Blockchain Politicians – Global Edition

Blockchain tech is providing the world with a better way to conduct business but without the support of politicians, it will never reach its full potential.

Blockchain in Automotive – Fragmented Sector to Focus on New Technologies

In May 2018, some of the biggest names across the automotive industry announced that they are joining together to form the MOBI Consortium. MOBI stands for “Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative” and…

The First Business Model Blockchain is Upending: Payments 

The payment industry is experiencing an upgrade in their business model as Blockchain technology continues to shake up the industry.