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What Are Walmart’s Plans for Blockchain Tech?

Walmart made significant ventures into experimenting with blockchain tec in 2017. Whether out of FOMO or acceptance that blockchain is here to stay, they realized late adopters would be left…

Beyond CryptoKitties: The Future of ERC-721 and Ownership of Unique Assets

Before Blockchain, There Was The Web Before blockchain and before ERC-721 there was the World Wide Web (or simply the web). The first commercial uses for the internet appeared in…

There’s a Bright Future for the Binance Ecosystem Fund

Binance Labs made their first organized public appearance in an online conference held on May 31st to a crowd of roughly 600 institutional investors. The Binance Labs team, led by…

Do We Really Need Cryptocurrency? – A Modern Exploration of Money

A number of leading businessmen and economists have questioned the need for cryptographic currencies over traditional fiat (paper) ones. Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency, was largely created as a response…

What You Need to Know About EU Data Privacy and Blockchain

The introduction of the European GDPR could bring big changes for the way that user data privacy and blockchain work together. Find out what you need to know.

Can Blockchain Rescue our Identity from the Digital Abyss?

Blockchain technology is becoming well positioned to be a pivotal asset that can help change the climate surrounding identity and identity management and the modern issues they face.

Solving Blockchain’s Biggest Usability Issues

In this article, we look at some of the biggest usability issues the blockchain industry is currently facing and how we may be able to solve them.

How to Calculate the Profitability of Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Is Bitcoin Mining Hardware Worth It? Bitcoin mining hardware shortages continue to plague the market. So it’s important to consider the true profitability of your venture before choosing your next…

The Blockchain Healthcare Revolution Is In Progress

A Blockchain healthcare revolution is creating a new era in medical practices. Blockchain is changing drugs, trials, patient records, and treatment.

The Future of Loyalty Programs with Blockchain

Current loyalty programs are inefficient for users and expensive for companies, but placing them on the blockchain allows rewards to be redeemed easily.