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decentralized exchanges

Decred Unveils 2018 Roadmap: Decentralized Exchanges, Privacy Features, & More

The Decred’s formal roadmap settled for 2018 is about how the team plans to generate and release deliverables prior to building marketing hype for them.

Introducing AURA: The Staking Token Securing IDEX’s Future

The AURA token will help usher IDEX exchange into a new phase of complete decentralization. IDEX founders learn us about what makes this token tick.

Behind the Scenes of Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Secrets, Strategies, and More

Reputable leaders from well-known exchanges discuss the inner workings of their trading platforms and the methods they use to make trading safer.

Off to the Races: The Competition for the Most Popular Decentralized Exchange

Let’s take a look into Ether Delta, IDEX, OpenLedger DEX, Waves DEX, and the other decentralized exchanges vying for domination in the market.

What is Loopring?  A Beginner’s Guide

What is Loopring? Take a look at our Loopring beginner’s guide to learn more about the protocol of this exchange, its ring orders, ring-matching, and more.