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decentralized exchanges

Uniswap Set To Dominate NFTs After the DEX Market

In the three years since its launch, Uniswap has amassed not only a huge user base but also significant dominance over the Decentralised Exchange (DEX) market. Now with its most…

North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus Allegedly Behind $620M Ronin Hack

Lazarus, a North Korean hacking group is allegedly behind the $622 million hack of Ronin —an Ethereum sidechain used by the popular NFT (Non-Fungible token) game Axie Infinity. Lazarus Group Behind…

Innovative Margin Trading Solution To Stimulate Growth At DDEX

The DDEX team recently unveiled its new margin trading facility to the general public. The new margin trading solution has been going through a rigorous beta test over the last few days of volatile cryptocurrency trading.

What Happened to the DEX? | Building in Secrecy or Just out of Steam?

Despite the continued vulnerability of exchanges, centralized crypto markets continue to flourish. This year has borne witness to several notable hacks and exchange failures at Cryptopia, QuadrigaCX and most recently…

What Is 0x (ZRX)? | A Guide to the ERC20 Exchange Protocol

What is 0x and how does it work? Learn more about the 0x protocol, its off-chain order relays, and its decentralized exchange relayers here.

What Is Kyber Network? | A Guide to the Asset Exchange Protocol

A guide covering everything on the decentralized exchange protocol including where to buy and store its KNC tokens.

What Is the Waves Platform? | The Ultimate Guide

What is the Waves platform? A guide explaining how the Waves platform works, the team behind the project, and where to buy/store the WAVES token.

Bitcoin Insurance Policies – What They Are and Do You Need Them

Given the history of exchange hacks, bitcoin insurance options are beginning to emerge. But are the current bitcoin insurance policies practical?

What is DDEX? The Decentralized Digital Exchange

DDEX exchange empowers wallet-to-wallet trading of cryptocurrencies. Its great benefit is that you can securely trade tokens without having to open an account.

What is WAX | CoinCentral

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), is a global decentralized marketplace for video game virtual assets. It offers a smart contracts-based peer to peer marketplace.