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This Week in Cryptocurrency: December 28, 2018

This week in crypto: Litecoin puts up fisticuffs, the Indian government flip-flops, and the market has a blue Christmas. Check it out in our weekly roundup.

A Big Picture Analysis of Crypto Cycles and Key Levels

Cryptos are in a major downtrend. But did you know that you can forecast and even profit from major crypto reversals? Learn more right here.

This Week in Cryptocurrency: December 21, 2018

This week in crypto: Atari kicks it new-school, a couple Congressman push pro-crypto legislation, and the market booms. Read about it in our weekly roundup.

How Social Wallets Will Change The Cryptocurrency Industry

In the past year, the mainstream world has embraced the idea of the blockchain and crypto-based transactions, even making 2018 the so-called year of the blockchain. The topic has moved past…

This Week in Cryptocurrency: December 14, 2018

This week in crypto: U.S. bills start moving, the CFTC looks for teachers, and Dash dines on some Venezuelan chicken. Read it all in our weekly roundup.

Quantstamp and OmiseGO Partnership Seeks Ethereum Scalability

The partnership between Quantstamp and OmiseGo seeks to solve Ethereum’s scalability problem. The main hurdle for blockchain mass adoption if how many users one chain can support. The Ethereum blockchain…

This Week in Cryptocurrency: December 7, 2018

This week in crypto: The market bleeds, but Wyoming votes “yes” to blockchain, and one billionaire remains bullish. Read about it all in our roundup.

What Is Kyber Network? | A Guide to the Asset Exchange Protocol

A guide covering everything on the decentralized exchange protocol including where to buy and store its KNC tokens.

How to Mine Ethereum on a Mac | What You Need to Know

Learn what it takes to mine Ethereum on a Mac. An overview of mining basics and how you can turn your Mac into an Ethereum mining machine.

How to Use BTC as Collateral: Leveraging Your Bitcoin for Trades

Need a loan for a major expense, but your bank says no? Learn how to tap the value of your Bitcoins.