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Social Media Giants Facebook and Telegram to Launch Own Digital Currencies

Social media giant Facebook looks to launch a basketcoin and Telegram’s crypto project is almost complete. Read about them here.

Facebook Targets Indian Money Transfer Market Using Crypto

Facebook is reportedly working on a cryptocurrency money transfer application that will be integrated into WhatsApp. The feature targets the Indian market.

Crypto Facebook – What You Need to Know

The world’s largest social media platform is exploring the possibilities of integrating blockchain technology. Read about it here.

Social Networking on the Blockchain | An Industry Ripe for Disruption

The rise of the freemium social media model has brought with it some real problems. What will the blockchain social network of the future look like?

Blockchain Meets Digital Advertising: 3 Projects Looking to Dethrone the Kings

Blockchain has given hundreds of projects the silver bullet to take down the reigning intermediaries – the question is if they have what it takes to build the gun and actually shoot it.

Cryptocurrency Ad Ban: Big Tech’s All or Nothing War with Crypto

This month, Google and (supposedly) Twitter have announced a cryptocurrency ad ban in their policies, following Facebook’s lead.