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Industry Spotlight

Cryptocurrency Industry Spotlight: Who is the Coinbase Team?

Industry Spotlight: In this brief article, learn more about the Coinbase team and some of the members behind crypto’s most popular exchange for beginners.

Who is John McAfee: Bold, Bizarre, and Bullish on Bitcoin

A short profile of John McAfee, the controversial British-American computer programmer and businessman who has been a very vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Industry Spotlight: Who is Charlie Lee?

Charlie Lee created Litecoin in late 2011 as a complement to Bitcoin. Get to know more about one of the most influential personalities in cryptocurrency today.

Meet Alexandra Prodromos | The Driving Force Behind Chicago’s Rise as a Leading Blockchain Hub

Learn how Alexandra Prodromos, Executive Director of the Chicago Blockchain Center, is building Chicago to be the top city for blockchain innovation.

Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains Talks Decentralized Cloud Database

Pavel Bains, Bluzelle’s CEO, at this year’s NEO DevCon talks about the inter-workings of Bluzelle and its mission to put a cloud database on the blockchain.

Deep Brain Chain CEO Discusses Blockchain’s Role in the Future of Artificial Intelligence

At San Francisco Blockchain Connect Conference, He Yong of Deep Brain Chain talked about the DBC’s role in the industry and the importance of blockchain for AI.

bitFlyer’s Hailey Lennon on Entering the US Market as a Bitcoin Exchange

Hailey Lennon, Director of Compliance at bitFlyer USA, explains how can become regulated as a bitcoin exchange and how regulatory landscape will change.

Da Hongfei on NEO’s Future and the Cryptocurrency World

Founder Da Hongfei talks about his vision for NEO, how he sees the cryptocurrency world evolving, his take on regulation and if NEO came from the Matrix.

Kilian Rausch On Cryptocurrency’s Liquidity Problem and What Exchange Union is Doing to Solve It

Kilian Rausch, the Exchange Union Product Director, shared his thoughts with us on the cryptocurrency industry’s liquidity issues. Read here more about this.

Dustin Byington Talks Trust, Privacy, and Wanchain’s Plan to Rebuild Finance

Dustin Byington and his team at Wanchain plan to rebuild finance through trust, privacy, and interoperability. Read about it in this article.