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Will Other Distributed Ledgers Replace Blockchain?

Should we replace blockchain with something else? That’s a question many technologists are asking in the wake of scaling challenges for key blockchain platforms. Blockchain is undergoing some growing pains.…

What is Ontology (ONT)? | Beginner’s Guide

Launched by the Onchain, Ontology is a Chinese public platform for all types of projects aiming to remove barriers between the blockchain and business sector.

NEO Airdropping ONT Tokens to Community: Here’s How to Get Some

The NEO Council will soon airdrop 20 million Ontology (ONT) tokens to NEO holders. We explain what Ontology is and how to get some of these “free” coins.

NEO First Project to Break into Weiss Ratings A-Tier

NEO, the Chinese-based blockchain platform, and cryptocurrency is the first project to break into the A-Tier, as dictated by Weiss Rating standards.

Da Hongfei on NEO’s Future and the Cryptocurrency World

Founder Da Hongfei talks about his vision for NEO, how he sees the cryptocurrency world evolving, his take on regulation and if NEO came from the Matrix.

NEO’s New Vision: The Moonshot

At the recent NEO Devcon, founder Da Hongfei outlined his vision for NEO. The trajectory for NEO should excite developers, investors & enthusiasts alike.

NEO and Blockchains Across China

The developers of NEO are looking to spread blockchain technology across all of China. Meantime they will simultaneous working within regulations.

Off to the Races: Creating the Best Dapps Platform (Ethereum, NEO, QTUM, Lisk, Cardano)

Ethereum cryptocurrency is the first, biggest, and most well-known dapps platform. However, several competitors hope to topple Ethereum from its throne.

CoinCentral + NEO DevCon

After the NEO, NEO ecosystem, and NEO community grow over the past year we’re very excited to formally announce CoinCentral is a media partner of NEO DevCon.

Cryptocurrency Industry Spotlight: Who is NEO’s Da Hongfei?

In this spotlight, we’ll take a look at Da Hongfei’s career in crypto and dive deeper to understand his role in the greater cryptocurrency landscape.