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How Digital Signatures and Hashing Protect Your Transactions

Digital Signatures and Hashing Digital signatures and cryptographic hash functions comprise the secret sauce that makes cryptocurrency work.  They put the crypto into currency, so to speak. Your digital signature…

The DAO Hack and Blockchain Security Vulnerabilities

Security considerations override all else in blockchains. If security fails, nothing else matters. Check out the main blockchain security vulnerabilities here.

Cryptography: A Brief History from Symmetry to Bitcoin

Without public key cryptography, cryptocurrency fails. Learn about the history of cryptography from its roots to its use in Bitcoin today.

Why 2FA Matters & the Best Types of 2FA

This post looks at why 2FA (two-factor authentication) rose to prominence and the best types of 2FA you should be using to protect your online accounts and crypto assets.

What is Rivetz (RVT)? | A Beginner’s Guide

What is Rivetz (RVT)? A beginner’s guide on the project working to improve security beyond 2-factor authentication (2FA). Learn how it works and where to buy/store RvT tokens.