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Blockchain Can Combat Counterfeiting in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Counterfeiting is a big issue for pharmaceutical supply chains, who face legislative measures to stop it from happening. Blockchain can help.

Blockchain Military Applications – the Future Tech of the Armed Forces

Given that blockchain now features heavily in any discussion about cybersecurity, it is unsurprising that military organizations across the world are taking an interest. Secure communication is one example of…

Why Blockchain Asset Tracking Is Not Just for the Super-Rich

An Aboriginal community in rural Australia. A diamond dealer in Antwerp, Belgium. A used car salesman in the UK. A pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland. What could they possibly all…

What is CEEK VR? Creating Exclusive Virtual Experiences with Blockchain

CEEK is a company that primarily focuses on building AR/VR headsets that recently raised 22K ETH in a 2018 ICO to explore a tokenized component for musicians to create virtual worlds…

Comparing Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchain Business Models

While most organizations still rely upon centralized business models, decentralized blockchain business models are becoming increasingly popular.

Now There Are Cryptocurrencies for Retirees as Well

Just when you thought you could handle your grandma with a cell phone, now she’s busy setting up an ether wallet and buying cryptocurrency for retirees.

How Will Blockchain Revolutionize IT Infrastructure?

It’s easy to see how blockchain technology applies to cryptocurrency. Don’t overlook the potential benefits blockchain has on IT infrastructure.

Could Cryptocurrency Investments Revolutionize Healthcare Systems?

As the world scrambles to find cryptocurrency applications in any industries you can possibly imagine, healthcare has naturally been one of the active areas of exploration. The healthcare industry is renowned for being slow at adopting new technologies.

Blockchain Real Estate: Selling Property Is Getting Easier

Blockchain real estate transactions, records, and marketplaces could radically change the way we think about property. Read about exactly how here.

Blockchain Agriculture Will Change Farming & Food

Blockchain agriculture promises to transform the way food gets bought, sold, and distributed by creating transparent supply chains for produce.