Use Cases

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Use Cases

This Strip Club in Vegas Let’s You Pay for Dances in Crypto

Making it rain…crypto? By scanning temporary QR code tattoos located on the dancer’s bodies, you can pay and tip for any of their services in bitcoin.

What is Experience Points? Beginner’s Guide to Real Life XP

What is Experience Points? Is it worth your time? This Experience Points Beginner’s guide teaches you more about the online and real life XP sharing economy.

Here Comes LitePay | A Litecoin Payment Processor

LitePay aims to deliver the “world’s first borderless payment network,” long considered to be a watershed moment for cryptocurrency and Litecoin.

What is Bluzelle?  A Beginner’s Guide to the Blockchain’s Decentralized Database

What is Bluzelle and what is it doing for the world of data? Read our beginner’s guide to learn more about the blockchain decentralized database.

What is Nebulas (NAS)? A Beginner’s Guide

The internet of the future? Find out why many of the crypto community’s members are referring to Nebulas as the new “Google for Blockchain.”

What is Cindicator?  A Beginner’s Guide to Hybrid Intelligence Forecasting

What is Cindicator? A Hybrid Intelligence market analytics platform. If the fancy terminology scares you, our Cindicator guide has your back.

Popular Trading App Robinhood Opens its Coffers to Cryptocurrencies

True to its name, stock trading app Robinhood will soon give its customers Bitcoin and Ethereum options alongside traditional assets and zero trading fees.

From Gaming to Music: Crypto’s Multimedia Reach into Entertainment

Cryptocurrencies have reached the mainstream, and this comes with a multimedia presence into entertainment industries like gaming and music.

Dallas Mavericks & Other Business Venues to Accept Cryptocurrency

The Dallas Mavericks will start accepting Bitcoin next season. Look here to gain valuable insight into more venues accepting cryptocurrency.

What is BitClave: Tackling the Digital Advertising Industry

Learn more about what BitClave (CAT) is doing to tackle Facebook and Google in the $550 billion advertising industry by creating an open search engine.