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Octaloop Hosts Blockchain Hackathon unblock2021

For developers of any skill level, events like unblock give you the tools to learn to develop applications for decentralized networks.

Amrit Kumar on Smart Contract Security, Blockchain Sentiment, and the Future of Zilliqa

We sat down with Zilliqa President and Chief Scientific Officer to get his thoughts on the state of decentralized applications and learn more about Zilliqa.

What Is Zilliqa (ZIL)? | The Complete Guide to the High Throughput Blockchain

Zilliqa (ZIL) is the first public blockchain designed for high throughput using sharding. Learn how it supports transactions, smart contracts, and dApps.

Interview: Zilliqa Team on Sharding, Scalability, and Secure Smart Contracts

Zilliqa will launch it’s secure, scalable mainnet in Q1 2019. We caught up with CEO Xinshu Dong & CMO Yiling Ding from the team to learn more about it.

Will Other Distributed Ledgers Replace Blockchain?

Should we replace blockchain with something else? That’s a question many technologists are asking in the wake of scaling challenges for key blockchain platforms. Blockchain is undergoing some growing pains.…