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Press Releases

Get the word out to an engaged audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Time moves fast in the cryptocurrency world, and news tends to expire even faster. Make a lasting impression and share your story with a loyal base of readers and reap the benefits of adding “CoinCentral” to your press section.

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Sponsored Articles

CoinCentral is a top 10 cryptocurrency site and has some of the highest editorial standards in crypto media. Our professional journalists are passionate about learning about use cases and industry intersections with cryptocurrency and blockchain. This drives us to help projects tell their story while also maintaining high journalistic standards. A journalist and editor will work with your team to ensure the creation of high quality sponsored content that lets your project shine and is true to your offering.

Package Deal

Our team will tailor custom packages to long-term engagements to maximize your brand exposure and help readers follow your project’s story as it develops. Package deals can include all of the above, as well as custom editorial calendars and social amplification.


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ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Our ICO services include ICO listings, stand-alone ICO reviews, interviews with team members, and other such ratings. Please note that your project must be pre-screened by our research team to ensure it is up to par for our audience.

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Email Newsletter Sponsorships

Ensure your message gets delivered to 70,000+ cryptocurrency enthusiasts in our This Week in Cryptocurrency newsletter. Email newsletter sponsorships range from inclusion in our weekly “What’s New at CoinCentral” section to an entire sponsorship call-out and maximum 4 line description of your offering with CTA in a “This Week in Cryptocurrency, brought to you by [YOUR PROJECT]”


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