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The world is undergoing a transformation. It’s bigger than gadgets. It’s bigger than tech. There’s a philosophical revolution inspired by the large advancements and technological progress in the past few decades.

The last decade alone has shaped everything from what a “job” is and how we find one, how we physically get from point A to point B, where we’re sleeping tonight, how we interact and communicate with our network and meet new friends, how we take ownership of our wealth, and even who we’re dating.


However, every coin has two sides. Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented threat due to advances in technologies that could give rise to dystopian 1984-esque dystopian regimes. The days are numbered for our personal privacy, “citizen scores” are already being rolled out in China, and our data is being used against our best wishes.

A major component of the cryptocurrency revolution is a movement towards protecting our personal and financial sovereignty.

We are optimists and firm believers that humanity’s best years are ahead of us. However, in order to reach these years, we must arm ourselves with knowledge.

We are motivated to building and uplifting a community of highly informed enthusiasts and investors who grow and thrive together. You may have seen our articles somewhere -- they’ve been shared and linked by companies and projects like Intuit, NEO, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, IOTA, Tron, and many, many more.

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing influential entrepreneurs and figures like Tim Draper (venture capitalist), Halsey Minor (Salesforce, Video Coin, Minor Ventures),Adam Draper (Boost.VC)Slava Rubin (IndieGoGo), Da Hongfei (NEO), Joseph Lubin (Ethereum, ConsenSys), Justin Sun (TRON), Brock Pierce, and many more.

We’ve also built an audience of over 1 million readers in under a year. Our articles are not only guides and news, they’re conversations with our readers that illuminate how blockchain and cryptocurrency are changing the world as we know it --- from business and culture to art and science.

Our team of journalists is driven by their own motivation to explore the breakthroughs, innovations, and unfolding stories. We focus on providing valuable information by giving it context within the overall development of the tech community.

This approach helps us create some of the best articles in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our goal is to uncover new ways of thinking about new and old technologies, social trends, and regulatory changes. We’re honored to have you along for the ride.

--Alex Moskov, Editor-in-Chief

A Day Dream - CoinCentral's Impact and the Future of Crypto

A Day Dream - CoinCentral's Impact and the Future of Crypto

Since our founding in October 2017, we’ve experienced amazing growth and passionate support from our readership.

Our vision is to become the most trusted publication in crypto. We don’t care about being the biggest or most popular--our dedication is to delivering valuable insights that provide long-term benefits to our readers.

Ultimately, we want what you want--a change in the world paradigm that will create new opportunities and freedoms and distribute power and wealth away from the traditional powers that have abused it in so many ways. Just as the blockchain uses technology to break down financial barriers, our goal is to leverage the fundamental technology of content to inform, protect, and empower our community.

We’re committed to living up to Joseph Pulitzer’s definition for what the free press should be:

“We will always fight for progress and reform, never tolerate injustice or corruption, always fight demagogues of all parties, always oppose privileged classes and public plunderers, never lack sympathy with the poor, always remain devoted to the public welfare, never be satisfied with merely printing news, always be drastically independent, never be afraid to attack wrong, whether by predatory plutocracy or predatory poverty."

-Joseph Pulitzer

What an exciting time to uphold this standard by covering
the rise of cryptocurrency and the blockchain!

What Makes CoinCentral Different: Our Approach

What Makes CoinCentral Different: Our Approach

If you've been around the site, you may have noticed our articles vary in topics greatly and are written for effortless understanding.

We're independently owned, privately funded, and award-nominated, and our sole mission is outlined above. We create fundamental guides and news that help advance your understanding of the cryptocurrency industry. By delivering value and trust, we seek to continue to grow our strong community based on trust.

We will never show you content that isn't true to our mission or up to our journalistic standards.

Our business model is simple:


We create really good educational and entertaining content for the greater good of the cryptocurrency community and our audience.


We also establish direct
communications with vetted projects to facilitate the flow of information and press releases.

In order to support our costs for content production, we occasionally charge for the writing, editing, and placement of articles by projects that have been vetted by our editorial team. This type of content is marked as SPONSORED, and must still adhere to our journalistic standards. That means no promotion. We won’t sell you on “the best” anything unless we truly feel that it is the best based on objective criteria. We won’t present false information in exchange for payment. And for the love of Satoshi, we have never and will never accept payment for any ICO promotion.

We stray away from sensationalist fluffy content with clickbaity headlines. If you’re looking for that stuff, try elsewhere (there’s plenty to be found!).

We bring you the news with none of the spin. We bring you the basics without any of the dilutions. We publish in-depth interviews from entrepreneurs, engineers,and experts at the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, as well as in-depth guides, reviews, and assessments of new coins, platforms, technologies, techniques, and anything that’s relevant to a crypto or blockchain enthusiast.

We’re different because we focus on delivering value and empowering our community, not making an easy few bucks or sats. This gives us an edge and the ability to share extremely good information that is hard to find elsewhere, all in a format and voice that you look forward to reading.

We hope you enjoy and grow with us!



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