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What is Ubiq (UBQ)? | Beginner’s Guide

Ubiq (UBQ) is a hard fork of Ethereum that prioritizes blockchain stability for enterprise applications. It supports smart contracts and DApps.

What is Filecoin? | Beginner’s Guide to the Largest-Ever ICO

Filecoin is a decentralized storage solution. It conducted the largest ICO ever, raising $257 million for the idea. Learn more about it here.

Off to the Races: Best Decentralized Storage Solutions (Storj, Sia, Filecoin, Maidsafe)

Read about the four main projects (Storj, Sia, Filecoin, MaidSafe) competing to be the number one decentralized storage solution across a peer-to-peer network.

What is AdEx (ADX)? | Beginner’s Guide

Learn more about AdEx, a decentralized exchange built for advertisers and publishers. It is built as a no-fee, transparent, and auditable DApp.

What is Storj? | Beginner’s Guide

Storj is an open source, decentralized file storage solution, using peer-to-peer networks. The goal is to make cloud file storage faster, cheaper, and private.

What is Verge Cryptocurrency (XVG)? | Beginner’s Guide

A guide about Verge and how this privacy-focused cryptocurrency aims to keep transactions anonymous and untraceable while offering high throughput.

IOTA’s David Sønstebø on Monetizing Data, User Privacy, and 2018 Priorities

David Sønstebø, one of the co-founders of IOTA, shares insights into the real world applications of IOTA, a partnership with Taipei, and 2018 plans.

What is Aeternity? | Beginner’s Guide

Read on to learn more about Aeternity, a platform that increases the scalability of smart contracts and DApps by moving smart contracts off-chain.

Growing the Blockchain Community was a Big Topic at NEO DevCon

Many speakers at NEO’s DevCon emphasized the need for a better blockchain user experience and the importance of fostering a developer-friendly environment.

Off to the Races: Creating the Best Dapps Platform (Ethereum, NEO, QTUM, Lisk, Cardano)

Ethereum cryptocurrency is the first, biggest, and most well-known dapps platform. However, several competitors hope to topple Ethereum from its throne.