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Colin Harper

Ether Delta Exchange Review

In this review, find out if the Ether Delta Exchange, which is built specifically for the ERC20 token and Ethereum trading pairs, is right for you.

What are Masternodes?  An Introduction and Guide

Crypto Fundamentals: What are masternodes, how do they work, and what coins use them? Take a look at our guide on masternodes to learn more.

2018 Recent and Upcoming Bitcoin Hard Forks: What You Need to Know

Has the flurry of upcoming Bitcoin hard forks got your head in a tizzy? We’ve got the lowdown on Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin Atom, and more.

What is Einsteinium?  A Beginner’s Guide

Got questions about Einsteinium? Want to know how its mining works with Epochs and Wormhole Events? Our comprehensive guide has you covered.

The Rollercoaster Continues: Bitcoin, Crypto Market Corrects after Uniform Bull Run

Every market bull run sees a correction, and at midday on November 29th, the cryptocurrency market got its anticipated pullback. Learn more here.

Meet Tangle, Crypto’s Blockchain Alternative

Crypto without mining? Transactions without fees? This is the promise of Tangle. Learn more about the differences between tangle and blockchain technologies.

Crypto Chaos and The Flippening: Inside Bitcoin Cash’s Arms Race with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash has been in an arms race with Bitcoin for the past weeks with much speculation that it is set to replace Bitcoin as the true bitcoin currency.

Cryptocompanies That Provide Working Platforms and Services

Like many, are you tired of speculative investing? Check out this handful of blockchain companies with actual working products and services.

Cryptoplatforms Looking to Make Crypto More Accessible to the Public

Are you looking to get into cryptocurrencies but don’t know where to start? Learn more from these companies and how their platforms could help.