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Colin Harper

Europol Busts Cybercrime King Pin Responsible for Laundering €1bln with Cryptocurrency

This week, Europol apprehended the leader of the Carbanak gang, a cybercrime team that was responsible for stealing more than €1bln and laundering the funds using cryptocurrency.

Controversy Turns to Closure as Litepay Shuts Down

Litepay will begin ceasing its operations as its CEO, Kenneth Asare, prepares to sell the company, a Litecoin Foundation blog post reveals.

Cryptocurrency Ad Ban: Big Tech’s All or Nothing War with Crypto

This month, Google and (supposedly) Twitter have announced a cryptocurrency ad ban in their policies, following Facebook’s lead.

What is Veritaseum (VERI)? A Beginner’s Guide

What is Veritaseum? “At it’s [sic] simplest, Veritaseum is the gateway to peer-to-peer capital markets,” the project’s website proclaims.  The platform opens investor access to smart contracts and financial machines…

What is GameCredits (GAME)? A Beginner’s Guide

This introductory guide is about GameCredits, MobileGo, and what the projects are doing to change how gamers and developers approach online gaming.

This Week in Cryptocurrency–March 16th, 2018

Bear markets, legislative talks, and new exchanges: read about all of this and more in This Week in Cryptocurrency brought to you by Coin Central.

You’ve Heard of ICOs, but What About Venture Capital Investments in Crypto?

Ever wonder how venture capital investments stack up against ICOs? The old capital raising model isn’t as popular, but VC still has its place in crypto.

Binance to Launch Its Own Blockchain for Exchange, BNB Token

Binance will create its own blockchain, named Binance Chain. This will house BNB coin and bridge the centralized exchange over to a decentralized model.

Cryptocurrency Solutions Helping the Pot Industry With its Growing Pains: What They Are, What They Could Do

PotCoin, HempCoin, and Budbo think crypto is the answer to the legal marijuana industry’s issues.They are now looking for payment and supply chain solutions.

House Subcommittee Holds First Ever Hearing On Cryptocurrencies, ICOs

US House of Representatives recently held a hearing on Crypto and ICOs in the hopes of reaching clarity towards any proposed regulation legislation.