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Colin Harper

Binance Explains API/Phishing Attack, Hackers Walk Away Losing Money

Alexandra Prodromos, the Chicago Blockchain Center Executive Director, is building Chicago to be the top city for blockchain advancement and innovation.

What is Iconomi? Beginner’s Guide to Digital Asset Arrays

Check out our beginner’s guide on the Iconomi platform, digital asset arrays (DAAs), and how Iconomi is making crypto investing easier for the general public.

“Blockchain is the real deal”: JP Morgan Unveils Report on Crypto’s Economic Advantages

In a first, influential financial institution, JP Morgan released a bullish report on future blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption in the market.

What is Enigma? A Beginner’s Guide to Secret Contracts and Off-Chain Scaling

Take a look at our Enigma guide to learn all about its secret contracts, off-chain network, and the scalability/privacy solutions it brings to the table.

Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains Talks Decentralized Cloud Database

Pavel Bains, Bluzelle’s CEO, at this year’s NEO DevCon talks about the inter-workings of Bluzelle and its mission to put a cloud database on the blockchain.

What is Streamr DATAcoin? Beginner’s Guide

Check out our beginner’s guide for information on Streamr, its technology stack, and what it’s doing to provide real-time data for blockchain applications.

Coinbase Poised to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency Index Fund

Coinbase recently announced plans for its Coinbase Index Fund, a cryptocurrency index fund much like the traditional indexes you can buy on the stock market.

Deep Brain Chain CEO Discusses Blockchain’s Role in the Future of Artificial Intelligence

At San Francisco Blockchain Connect Conference, He Yong of Deep Brain Chain talked about the DBC’s role in the industry and the importance of blockchain for AI.

This Week in Cryptocurrency–March 2nd, 2018

Among this week’s highlights: Bill Gates says cryptocurrencies are causing deaths, HSBC embraces crypto and Berkeley, CA is first US city to plan an ICO.

What is Monacoin? A Beginner’s Guide

Monacoin is Japan’s first virtual currency. Check out our Monacoin beginner’s guide to learn more about it and how it compares to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others.