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Bitcoin vs. Gold: A Relative Strength Comparison

When you measure the relative strength (RS) of Bitcoin vs. gold or other metals and major financial markets, you witness a bias-free view of its comparative strength (or weakness). These…

Bitcoin’s Bear Markets: A Guide to Bitcoin’s Crashes and Comebacks

Bitcoin’s bear market. You’ve likely been hearing this phrase for most of 2018. Perhaps you aren’t exactly clear on what a bear market is. Maybe you’re not sure how to…

A Big Picture Analysis of Crypto Cycles and Key Levels

Cryptos are in a major downtrend. But did you know that you can forecast and even profit from major crypto reversals? Learn more right here.

Does Bitcoin Have a Future?

Analysts have wildly divergent views regarding Bitcoin’s future. Learn how to cut through all of the noise and finally take control of your Bitcoin trading.

What is Bitwage? Jobs and Crypto Payments for Remote Workers

Bitwage proudly displays the phrase Jobs and Salaries for International Outsourcing Firms atop its homepage. The company is not only a facilitator of cross-border payments for clients, their employees, and…

Bitcoin Futures vs. Bitcoin Spot | Learn Which Trading Method Is Best for You

Not sure if you should trade Bitcoin futures contracts or Bitcoin spot on an exchange? Learn the pros and cons of each in this special report.

Why Did the Crypto Market Crash?

Why did the crypto market crash? Was it a conspiracy? Who was responsible? Find out the rational, common sense reasons for the crash right here.

Trade Crypto as a Business via Trader Status

Tired of being unable to deduct your trading losses right away? Want to write-off all your trading expenses? Learn more about trader status right now.

How to Find the Best Crypto Accountant: A Guide to Find Your Guide Through Tax Season

Tax time approacheth! Got all your crypto transaction records? Unsure who to contact for help? Learn the four steps to locate a great crypto tax pro!

How to Pay Taxes on Cryptocurrencies

Not sure how to pay taxes on your cryptocurrency gains? This guide will help you prepare for the 2019 tax year, pay on time and stay out of trouble.