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Marshall Taylor

The True North Guide to Cryptocurrencies in Canada

There’s no denying that blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Canada are on the rise as the industry continues to get footing worldwide. A recently updated survey from 2017, conducted by the…

An Analysis on Bytecoin Mining: Is it Still Profitable?

Bytecoin mining could produce comfortable returns with small barriers to access as the core team continues to support mining from CPU’s and GPU’s to ASIC’s.

Bitcoin Isn’t Anonymous, and That’s Ok.

For most people who have found themselves deep into this topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there was likely a moment or series of moments where the idea of blockchain clicked.…

There’s a Bright Future for the Binance Ecosystem Fund

Binance Labs made their first organized public appearance in an online conference held on May 31st to a crowd of roughly 600 institutional investors. The Binance Labs team, led by…

Can Blockchain Rescue our Identity from the Digital Abyss?

Blockchain technology is becoming well positioned to be a pivotal asset that can help change the climate surrounding identity and identity management and the modern issues they face.

How Blockchain Needs Regulation to Mature

The importance of thoughtful regulation is growing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and is a necessary step for the future growth of the industry.