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Steven Buchko

What Is Grin? | The First Major Blockchain to Implement MimbleWimble

What is Grin? Learn all about the blockchain project paving the way for the MimbleWimble scalable privacy solution in this guide.

What Is LEO? | All You Need to Know About Bitfinex’s Cryptocurrency

Bitfinex’s new LEO token quickly breezed up the market cap rankings to become a top 20 coin. Learn what makes it special and what its future could hold.

Upcoming FATF Guidelines Could Bring Doom to Some Crypto Businesses

On June 21, the FATF, a global banking organization will release updated guidelines regarding crypto, and it could potentially wipe out some companies.

Stop Calling Facebook’s GlobalCoin a ‘Bitcoin Killer’

Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, GlobalCoin, is rumored to launch within the month. Calling it a “Bitcoin killer” is a bit of an exaggeration, though.

Justin Sun Announces Lunch with Warren Buffet: BitTorrent (BTT) Price Goes “Meh”

Justin Sun’s big announcement of winning a charity lunch with Warren Buffett left many BitTorrent investors disappointed, and the price reflects it.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Doubled This Week, But Don’t Buy into the Hype

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) price is up over 100 percent this week, but market manipulation and FOMO appear to be its primary drivers.

What Is Aurora (AOA)? | Combining Two Popular Consensus Mechanisms

What is Aurora (AOA)? Learn about the cryptocurrency project that combines two consensus mechanisms in a unique solution (dPoS and BFT).

Facebook Loosens Ban on Crypto Advertisers, Including Itself

Facebook is relaxing its ban on cryptocurrency advertising, and the timing is suspiciously in line with the launch of its own stablecoin.

Amazon Go Stores Are Ripe for Bitcoin Adoption

Amazon Go is opening its first New York store location this week. Receiving criticism for not accepting cash, the retail giant should accept bitcoin instead.

Why Binance Coin Has Been the Best Performing Crypto of 2019

Binance Coin has blown most other cryptocurrencies out of the water in terms of price performance. Here are a few reasons why.