How to Thrive in the Cryptocurrency Advertising Ban Apocalypse  

For better or for worse, the advertising oligopoly has taken a hard stance against advertising cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

The blanket cryptocurrency ban on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter played a huge role in cleaning up the act of dozens, if not hundreds of dubious ICOs, scammy master courses, and the slew of low-quality crypto-related offerings.

Unfortunately, this ban also shut out countless legitimate and innovative projects from exploring a highly scaleable marketing strategy to acquire users, build audiences, and create short feedback loops.

So, what’s a cryptocurrency or blockchain-based project to do?

Projects have taken a more creative approach to acquiring users and have managed to meet their user-focused milestones without having to pay a dollar to the platforms that shooed them away.

Meanwhile, another plotline developers. As platforms such as Facebook are in hot water in the public eye for using and possible abusing user data, blockchain-based projects seeking to change the advertising landscape as a whole are coming to the front.

Advertising cryptocurrency

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