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AirToken ICO Token Sale

ICO Start Date Sep 19, 2017



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ICO Details

The goal of AirToken is to give mobile data access to those under-served and those who cannot afford it.  They plan to accomplish this using the decentralized power of the Ethereum blockchain, combined with advertising to users.  

Users will be given AirTokens (AIR) in exchange for viewing ads.  AIR will be redeemable for mobile data.  

Initially, AirTokens allow users to 'recharge' mobile data across 500 wireless carriers.

ICO Details

Token Symbol 


Token Sale Investment Goals

  • Soft Cap- $15,000,000 worth of ETH
  • Hard Cap- $21,000,000 worth of ETH

Exchange Rate

TBD - An Ethereum $ price will be set just before the smart contract is deployed.

Token Distribution


Token Release Date to Token Sale Participants

AIR purchased through the crowd sale are immediately transferable.


%6.5 million was raised in the AirToken pre-sale

Accepted Cryptocurrencies



Key Details of the AirToken ICO

  • Start Date - Sep 19, 2017
  • End Date - October 19th, 2017
  • Token Symbol - AIR
  • Soft Cap - $15,000,000
  • Hard Cap - $21,000,000
  • Exchange Rate - An Ethereum price will be set in USD just before the smart contract is deployed.
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies - Ethereum
  • Token Release - AIR purchased through the crowdsale are immediately transferable.
  • Pre-Sale - $6.5 million was raised in the AirToken pre-sale.

AirToken Community

As of Sep 4th, 2017 (15 days until ICO):

What is AirToken?

AirToken (AIR) is an Ethereum ERC20 token that will be used to create mobile data capital.  AirTokens will be used as the cryptocurrency of AirFox, an android browser and the AirFox Recharge App, an advertisement serving app.  

The AirFox browser blocks most traditional advertising and trackers, that can consume upwards of 50% of a user’s data plan.  Rather than being served traditional ads, which bring no benefit to the viewer, users can opt in to ads from AirFox which reward the user AirTokens.

The AirFox Recharge App allows users to view ads and complete offers in exchange for AIR.  AIR can then be used to purchase mobile data from hundreds of wireless carriers around the world.

Why is there a need for AirFox & AirToken?

While 75% of North Americans had mobile contracts in 2012, the majority of mobile users in other parts of the world are pre-paid.  



Running a mobile phone is also most expensive in some of the poorest areas of the world.

AirFox wants to make mobile data accessible to the poor and the underserved.  This includes both current pre-paid mobile users and those not yet on the internet.  By allowing users to earn AirTokens, users will have a new means to get mobile data.  

AirFox Company History

AirFox was co-founded by Victor Santos and Sara Choi in 2015.  The co-founders met while working at google.  The company was incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab.

Prior to AirToken’s Pre-Sale, where they raised $6.5 million, AirFox received two rounds of funding.

Team Members

CEO & Co-FounderVictor Santos attended the University of California, Berkeley, before going on to work at iWorld Services and Google.

COO & Co-FounderSara Choi attended Harvard University before going onto work at YouTube and Google.

CTOJames Seibel attended Boston University where he got his masters in science.  He then went on to work at companies including Apperian (Software Engineering Manager) and Lola (Software Architect).

Additional Management Team Members


AirFox lists LotusFlare and Jana as their most direct competitors.  While both of these competitors aim to provide more affordable mobile data to users around the world, none of their listed competitors are utilizing blockchain technology or micro-loans.

AirToken ICO Analysis

ICO Pros

  • AirFox aims to solve an important real worldwide problem.
  • Unlike many ICO projects, AirFox has already started working on their product and business relationships.  Their two apps are available in the Google Play store and they are already integrated with over 500 wireless carriers.
  • The AirToken ICO is the first project of its kind to launch a crowd sale.  Historically, early projects seems to perform better on the crypto market than later projects with similar ideas.
  • AirToken’s hard cap seems very reasonable when compared to how much other ICOs have set out to raise.
  • The core team members of AirFox have solid backgrounds, as do their venture capital investors.
  • Two weeks out from their ICO date, AirFox has already funded $6.5 Million in presale.
  • AirFox has a large community of social network followers.

ICO Cons

  • AirToken’s website mentions “Most VC’s [Venture Capitalists] are too risk-adverse to pursue our market, considering our users are considered low-income and in hard-to-reach places in emerging markets”.
  • While two AirFox android apps have been recently developed, they do not appear yet to have much of a user base.  Both apps have 100-500 installs according to the google play store.  AirFox will need a strong marketing campaign to gain users and adoption.


The AirToken ICO has generated a lot of hype from crypto investors.  If you compare AirToken with other recent ICOs, that had similar followings, it may seem like AirToken would have no problem filling their hard cap quickly.  

One concern is the unfortunate timing of China’s recent ICO ban.  It will be interesting to see how altcoin markets fair in the two weeks leading up to this crowdsale.

In the long term, if AirFox is successful at capturing their market, AirTokens could be a rather valuable cryptocurrency.