Mainframe to AirDrop $1 Million MFT to Raise Money for Charity

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Mainframe to AirDrop $1 Million MFT to Raise Money for Charity

We’ve gotten pretty used to hearing about airdrops in the cryptocurrency world by now. Like parched survivors on a desert island, we wave our arms to the sky in expectation as much-needed supplies rain down… Well, not exactly. But most of us have had a welcome gift of a few tokens here and there at some point in time.

As the reputation of ICOs hangs in the balance, thanks to the plethora of scammers dragging it through the mud, and popular platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter ban ICO advertising, the perfect storm for cryptocurrency airdrops is created. And it’s not surprising that they’re gaining in popularity.

When you think about cryptocurrency airdrops from a marketing point of view, they’re a perfect way of raising awareness for a coin and even pumping its value before a sale. Everybody loves free money. And ICO marketing teams can get the word out about their project for a very small price (unless their token value blows up, but even then, everyone wins).

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Airdrops are becoming less of a novel idea and more a common practice. And as coins look to gain even more exposure, airdrops are not often unexpected surprises anymore, but take the shape of a previously announced event instead.

Many airdrops, in fact, require the receiver to own some of the cryptocurrency first. The holder is then rewarded with a percentage proportional to the amount they own. Another genius way of getting people to buy more and another win-win for both sides.

But as airdrops become mainstream and the ICO market continues to grow, companies are getting even more creative with their marketing tactics.

Mainframe is the decentralized communications network that’s taking airdrops to a new level.

Money Literally Falling from the Sky

“We like to do things a little bit differently,” says Mick Hagen CEO and Founder of Mainframe. And with physical tokens falling out of the actual sky, they certainly did that. When they launched their Asia airdrop tour, they became the first company to introduce a brand new cryptocurrency via a physical distribution (although, of course, the tokens have to be exchanged afterward for code).

Mainframe started the physical airdrops in the Far East, visiting major cities including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing. Inside a crowded salon with multicolored balloons hoisted high in nets, people waited in anticipation. The nets were opened, the balloons released and the polite Asian people laughed and squealed in delight, as they gathered a couple of balloons.

Perhaps that’s why the company chose Asia as their first place to airdrop, knowing the people’s infamous politeness wouldn’t allow them to trample each other at the prospect of free tokens. The same scene may not be replicated hosted in a western bar.

But holding the airdrops, particularly in China, gave Mainframe’s message of privacy and freedom an extra poignant layer, in a country where censorship is rife.

Mainframe physical airdrops began to pick up traction as they rolled them out in phases. Phase one, “Proof of Being” and phase two, “Proof of Freedom” are already successfully completed, showing the unfailing appeal of free money.

But cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be all about personal gain, does it?

Proof of Heart – a First in Philanthropic Airdrops?

Proof of Heart

“In this industry blockchain and crypto, there’s a lot of people trying to get rich quick,” Hagen says, “a lot of speculation, a lot of greed… we’re long-term believers in this technology, it’s disrupting many industries out there and it’s going to change the world forever. And we thought we would take some of that less than savory behavior that exists out there and try to channel that to a worthwhile cause.”

In the final phase three of their airdrop campaign, Mainframe will be giving away $1 million of their MFT token to users who donate the most to a non-profit aligned with their values of privacy and freedom. So that’s basically any registered charity or nonprofit that stands for freedom of speech and human rights, including the ACLU, Freedom of the Press, and Amnesty International.

Who Are Mainframe Anyway?

OK, so these majorly cool airdrops have definitely caught our attention. Nice. But who are Mainframe anyway?

Labeling themselves as the “messaging layer for the new web,” Mainframe allows for messages and data to be sent privately, as the technology securely routes data packets through their peer-to-peer network.

Resistant to censorship and surveillance, with the notable exception of a “catastrophic asteroid event or an aggressive alien invasion,” the team behind this new platform believe it to be unstoppable. And what they value most is freedom of speech and ownership of data.

Through Mainframe, your messaging cannot be opened or followed. And being a decentralized platform with decentralized data services, it’s practically impossible to shut down or censor. Which may not make them popular with governments and law enforcement worldwide. 

Their next physical airdrop is being held during Consensus in NYC. So if you’re seeking some free money, watch out for the color balloons.

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