Pineapple Fund Donor Says Farewell After Donating Last of Funds


Pine Pens a Farewell Message

The Pineapple Fund, a charity project that has given away thousands of Bitcoin, is closing its coffers after its anonymous founder released a farewell post on Reddit stating that the last of the money has been given out.
Pineapple Fund Banner
In December 2017, the mysterious donor, going by the pseudonym Pine, announced the fund with a Reddit post, stating,”My aims, goals, and motivations in life have nothing to do with having XX million or being the mega rich. So I’m doing something else: donating the majority of my bitcoins to charitable causes.” The post linked out to the Pineapple Fund website, which boasted the byline “because once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter” and allowed charitable organizations to apply for a grant from the fund.

The Impact of the Pineapple Fund

Over the last five months, 5104 Bitcoin were liquidated for $55 million and donated to charities all over the world. Notable recipients were the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that supports net neutrality and the open internet; OpenStreetMap, working to provide open and free maps of the world; and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), which develops MDMA and psychedelic-assisted therapies to combat PTSD, depression, and other mental illness.
Pine’s generosity is likely the single greatest act of altruism witnessed in the crypto community to date, a community that’s unfortunately rife with greed and known more for its obsession with getting rich quick than with its penchant for giving back. Hopefully, the impact of the Pineapple Fund will inspire future altruism from those fortunate early adopters that find themselves sitting on a digital fortune. Perhaps the development of charitable platforms powered by cryptocurrencies themselves may help to reduce friction and encourage the effective use of the vast wealth created so far by this crazy thing we call Bitcoin.
As we continue this adventure into the future of the global economy and society, keep the Pineapple Fund in mind as an example of how one person can truly bring change into the world.


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