Atomic Swaps

Lightning Labs

Lightning Labs Releases First Mainnet Beta, Reveals Seed Financing

By Alex Moskov / March 15, 2018

Lightning Labs releases a major update Bitcoin enthusiasts have long been looking forward to and announces a series of investors for its seed financing round.

Group 3

Decred Unveils 2018 Roadmap: Decentralized Exchanges, Privacy Features, & More

By Alex Moskov / March 4, 2018

The Decred’s formal roadmap settled for 2018 is about how the team plans to generate and release deliverables prior to building marketing hype for them.

bitbay logo

What is BitBay (BAY)? | Beginner’s Guide

By Bennett Garner / March 2, 2018

BitBay is a free, decentralized marketplace for buying and selling goods and services on the blockchain. Check out the platform’s history and how it works.

what are atomic swaps

What are Atomic Swaps? A Beginner’s Guide

By Colin Harper / January 31, 2018

What are atomic swaps? Check out this guide on the revolutionary way to exchange digital assets and how they’ll affect the blockchain space.