blockchain and entertainment

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blockchain and entertainment

Video Game Careers Accelerate to Hyperdrive with Cryptogames

Video game careers traditionally involve programming. Cryptogames broaden these horizons by including players as a paid part of the game community.

AlphaNetworks Founder Seth Shapiro Says the Media Business Is Broken and Everybody Knows It

The media industry, including print journalism, music, television, and advertising, is broken. Seth Shapiro tells us how AlphaNetworks plans to fix it.

Last Week’s Biggest Gainer: SounDAC +5,834%

SounDAC is an autonomous royalty payments platform designed to put more control in the artist’s hands, while at the same time, giving distributors a more efficient business model to pursue.…

Blockchain Mobile Games Are Here, But You Might Not Be Too Impressed

There’s a bunch of blockchain mobile games available already, but if you’re looking for a truly decentralized experience, you may be disappointed.