blockchain and finance

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blockchain and finance

FinTech Blockchain: A Look into a More Efficient Future

Journey into the world of FinTech blockchain and learn how this technology is changing the way we do business on a global scale.

What Is a Blockchain Transaction Anyway?

As a responsible crypto investor, you should understand what is a blockchain transaction and how it benefits users and companies.

Bakkt: A Global Ecosystem for Regulated Digital Assets

Bakkt, a self-proclaimed ecosystem for regulated digital assets. Launched by the NYSE’s owner, can Bakkt pave the way for institutional money into crypto?

Project Infinity Status After NEX Group Cutbacks

Project Infinity is still alive, according to NEX Group company officials, but there have been some serious cutbacks made recently. Learn more here.

Why Tiny Liechtenstein Is Becoming a Crypto Powerhouse

The tiny Principality of Liechtenstein is taking big steps to become a crypto powerhouse in the center of Europe. Read about the latest developments here.

Tierion: Utilizing the Bitcoin Blockchain to Verify Documents

Tierion allows users to utilize the Bitcoin blockchain to verify documents without the need for any third-party institutions. Learn more in this guide.

Singapore Embraces Blockchain and a Digital Currency Future

Blockchain Singapore, the tiny island nation is embracing cryptocurrency technology and attracting top talent with their progressive attitude.

The Increasing Demand for Blockchain Bonds

Both governments and banks from around the world are testing and implementing blockchain bond programs. How do these bonds differ from traditional bonds, and how can they change the future of finance?

Security Tokens: Everything You Need to Know

What is a security token? Is it the next big thing or just another cryptocurrency fad? Here’s what you need to know about security tokens.

HSBC Is Now a Front-Runner in the Blockchain Technology Race

In 2015, HSBC blockchain efforts were limited to finding interns who understood Bitcoin. Now the British banking giant is leading the pack with blockchain tech.