blockchain and finance

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blockchain and finance

Tron vs. XRP, and Both Controversial Tokens Against the World

TRON and XRP reveal interesting similarities and contrasts. Bitcoin and Ethereum created innovations in technology. TRON and XRP exist as business ventures.

Ethlend vs Salt: Which is the Better Crypto Lending Platform

Ethlend vs Salt. On year one, we explore the current state of blockchain-based loans and what these 2 platforms offer businesses and consumers.

What is FOLM Coin (FLM)?

What is FOLM Coin? FOLM coin (FLM) claims to have identified weaknesses in the Bitcoin network, and it proposes its cryptocurrency as a solution to those perceived problems, and the…

Can Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Be Separated?

UBS blockchain praises are bullish, believing it will transform business. But is it possible to separate cryptocurrency and blockchain like they believe?

A Closer Look at Citi’s Efforts in Blockchain and Crypto

In 2015, Citigroup began working on Citicoin and Citi blockchain. Since then, implementation has been slow but could there be changes on the horizon?

Why Switzerland Is Scrambling to Keep Its Crypto-Friendly Title

With most banks in Switzerland still refusing to work with crypto companies, Germany’s solarisBank becomes the latest to challenge the crypto friendly nation.

What Is Barclays Bank Going to Do with Blockchain Tech?

Barclays Bank is bullish on blockchain with two blockchain labs, an account with Coinbase and two new blockchain patents-what are they going to do with them?

Hong Kong’s Banking Sector to Get a Blockchain Platform by September

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the region’s currency board and central bank, is set to launch a live blockchain-based trading platform in September. The banking project is backed by HSBC,…

Plasma: An Innovative Framework to Scale Ethereum

What is Plasma for Ethereum? Plasma is a framework to scale Ethereum blockchain’s processing power, and the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, and Joseph Poon. Prior to this project,…

All You Need to Know About the Future of Blockchain Wealth Management

What’s on the horizon for finance? This post explains how the advent of blockchain wealth management will create many new opportunities in the sector.