blockchain and human rights

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blockchain and human rights

How Blockchain Is Being Applied to Human Rights

It may be some time before blockchain technology has solved all the world’s problems, yet blockchain and human rights are showing good progress already.

Blockchain Anti-Corruption Projects: Building a Better Government

Across the globe, people are looking towards blockchain anti-corruption strategies to combat the rising costs of corruption.

Blockchain Identity Management | Data Security 2.0?

Blockchain identity management may be the next step in data security. Big name brands aren’t protecting our data. Here’s how blockchain holds the answer.

The Growing Use of Blockchain Law Enforcement Strategies

Blockchain law enforcement strategies are coming to a police station near you. Learn how the new technology could be the next step in fighting crime.

The Advantages of Blockchain Beyond Speculation

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for the advantages of blockchain and what it can do around the world, none of which have to do with speculation.