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blockchain and music

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blockchain and music

Music Cryptocurrency Festivals | A Different Take

OMF launched the first music cryptocurrency festival last year. The experiment highlights how the music events business is being disrupted. Read more here.

Last Week’s Biggest Gainer: SounDAC +5,834%

SounDAC is an autonomous royalty payments platform designed to put more control in the artist’s hands, while at the same time, giving distributors a more efficient business model to pursue.…

The Entertainment Industry and Blockchain Create New Possibilities

Blockchain may well provide the entertainment industry with an effective way to protect the digital rights of artists and provide them proper compensation.

Blockchain in the Music Industry – What Opportunities Lie Ahead?

Artists usually don’t make for good business people. After all, they would prefer to focus on their craft. And typically they don’t have access to marketers, lawyers and managers which…

Mycelia’s Imogen Heap on Blue Skies, Astronauts and the Intersection of Music And Blockchain

Imogen Heap has some ambitious goals and making the music industry a fairer place is one of them. Find out what she has to say about music and blockchain here.