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blockchain industry

Blockchain Land Registry: The New Kid on the Block

Blockchain land registry programs are becoming a viable solution in places where record keeping has been diminished. Learn about the top programs here.

Bitcoin Legal Issues | Important Cases You Should Watch

Check out the important Bitcoin legal issues that may reshape the market and shed light on some long sought after questions soon.

What Is a Blockchain Transaction Anyway?

As a responsible crypto investor, you should understand what is a blockchain transaction and how it benefits users and companies.

A Look into the UPS Blockchain

Take a close look into the UPS blockchain project currently underway, and how it could transform the shipping sector forever.

Project Infinity Status After NEX Group Cutbacks

Project Infinity is still alive, according to NEX Group company officials, but there have been some serious cutbacks made recently. Learn more here.

Singapore Embraces Blockchain and a Digital Currency Future

Blockchain Singapore, the tiny island nation is embracing cryptocurrency technology and attracting top talent with their progressive attitude.

The Increasing Demand for Blockchain Bonds

Both governments and banks from around the world are testing and implementing blockchain bond programs. How do these bonds differ from traditional bonds, and how can they change the future of finance?

Last Week’s Biggest Gainer: Vulcano Coin Up 3,317 Percent

The Vulcano platform saw record growth last week due to a combination of factors that pushed this coin up 3,317%

Crypto Facebook – What You Need to Know

The world’s largest social media platform is exploring the possibilities of integrating blockchain technology. Read about it here.

Japan & Crypto – Lessons in Blockchain Regulation

It’s no secret that Japan is one of the frontrunners of blockchain adoption. The country has been a hot spot for crypto ever since Bitcoin first entered the market nine…