blockchain marketplaces

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blockchain marketplaces

Monachain LG Introduces the Queen of the Blockchain

This month LG announced the official release of their highly-anticipated enterprise blockchain platform, Monachain.

Lolli: How Legit is the Customer Loyalty Program that Rewards Users in Bitcoin

Imagine getting paid while shopping online. Even better: get paid in cryptocurrency while doing so. Sound good? Rewards platform Lolli thinks so.

China Announces New Blockchain Lab Initiative

Chinese officials look to increase their involvement in the blockchain space with the announcement of the creation of their Blockchain Lab initiative.

Blockchain Remittance: The Future of International Money

Blockchain remittance firms are springing up around the globe thanks to a strong push by migrants to save on fees and transfer times. Read about it here.

Why Is Popular Bartering Platform Listia Getting into Blockchain Tech?

Online peer-to-peer platforms can either embrace blockchain marketplaces or be replaced by them. What’s bartering platform Listia is doing with blockchain tech?

Top Decentralized Marketplaces That Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is on the verge of disrupting every industry out there and with the decentralized marketplace, the sharing economy is next in its sights.