blockchain supply chain

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blockchain supply chain

Blockchain in Supply Chain | How One Chain Helps the Other

Blockchain and supply chains – a match made in heaven. We dissect all the ways that blockchain technology is helping the complex logistics industry.

Blockchain in the Public Sector: Where’s the Impact?

Blockchain is best known for its ability to support cryptocurrencies and dapps, but the number of blockchain applications continues to increase as the technology becomes more advanced. At the same time, the user base is also evolving. Governments are beginning to not only test out the capabilities of blockchain technology but also use this technology for improving governance in the real world. Here are a few examples of current applications for blockchain in the public sector.

Building a Better Blockchain Environment

The future may hold a better blockchain environment thanks to the creative minds behind these game-changing crypto concepts. Read about them here.

A Look into the UPS Blockchain

Take a close look into the UPS blockchain project currently underway, and how it could transform the shipping sector forever.

Supply Chain Quality Management – The Future of Commerce

Learn about all the amazing advancements that blockchain technology is bringing to supply chain quality management and how it benefits you.

DARPA Blockchain Programs

Learn about the growing number of DARPA blockchain programs in the works. Future warfare may be conducted on the blockchain.

The Advantages of Blockchain Beyond Speculation

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for the advantages of blockchain and what it can do around the world, none of which have to do with speculation.

The Paragon Coin Saga – Rappers, Weed, and Crypto

Paragon was supposed to change the marijuana industry forever. Now, it appears that investors are suing to get their funds back.

Blockchain Logistics – Changing the World or Just Marketing Hype?

Supply chain and logistics are industries in need of real change. Blockchain startups have continued to pop up over the last few years to challenge existing companies with their mostly…

Here’s How Blockchain Is Shaking Up Logistics

Moving sets of data around the world is relatively simple, but when it comes to moving physical objects, logistics can be a real hassle. Can blockchain help?