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blockchain technology

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Gaming Industry

Blockchain technology is entering the $50 billion online gaming market. Read about all the different ways it’s creating change and the projects leading the way.

How to Buy Litecoin on Coinbase Using Your Phone

The rise of mobile adoption is making it easier for users to purchase their crypto on-the-go. We show you how to buy Litecoin using your phone.

How Blockchain Is Changing the Rental Property Market

Blockchain technology is already beginning to change how people buy and sell properties, but how can it improve other areas of the real estate sector? More specifically, here are a few ways that blockchain is impacting rental property management, including examples of some blockchain projects that are disrupting this industry.

Distributed System Architecture: How Blockchain Revolutionized Peer-to-Peer Networks

P2P distributed system architecture had some serious challenges until Satoshi invented blockchain. Here, we explain why blockchain was a P2P revolution.

What Is Distributed Computing? Examining Blockchain’s Backbone

It’s one of the core technologies driving blockchain, but what is distributed computing? Here, we look at the technology including pros and cons.

A Look into the UPS Blockchain

Take a close look into the UPS blockchain project currently underway, and how it could transform the shipping sector forever.

How Social Wallets Will Change The Cryptocurrency Industry

In the past year, the mainstream world has embraced the idea of the blockchain and crypto-based transactions, even making 2018 the so-called year of the blockchain. The topic has moved past…

What Is tZERO? (And Why It Could Be a Big Deal)

The creative minds behind tZERO seek to transform the traditional markets with the introduction of their new platform. Learn more here.

DocuSign Integrates Ethereum Blockchain Technology into Its Document Encryption Program

Electronic signature technology company Docusign is now using Ethereum in its signature and transaction software. Our report explains how and why.

What is SelfKey (KEY)? | A Beginner’s Guide

Identity fraud is a growing problem in a growing digital world. SelfKey wants to solve that by bring self-sovereign identity management to the blockchain.